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Consider the advantages of having Femte Øje take on your company's technical documentation tasks:
Having documentation done by an external specialist can solve backlogs in R&D, Sales and other departments, since documentation often represents an additional load on these departments.

Documentation can be carried out in a more focussed way when it is done by a specialist in documentation, instead of being dependent on an employee who has many other tasks and functions.

Another advantage of entrusting your documentation to Femte ěje is that fresh eyes can clarify the assumptions shared by the development team, assumptions of prior knowledge and of details that are not necessarily obvious to the end users.

We specialise in technical documentation in English. Since this is a business based in Denmark, most communication with the customer is carried out in Danish. The documentation process usually involves a certain amount of verbal communication with the research and development team, often with reference to draft specifications and engineering drawings. Normally the bulk of the writing and layout is done at our office, but if the customer prefers, our writer can produce the documentation entirely on the customer's premises.